Introducing Our New Brand-AfyaMix

Afyamix is a viable option for providing a nutritious cost effective diet to address  the constraints faced by many families in Kenya whose children are at risk of developing or suffering from moderate malnutrition (stunting and wasting) due to poverty and food insecurity.

Afyamix  focuses on strategy preventing malnutrition through programs that target pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and children aged 0-23 months, and treatment of moderate and severe wasting among less than 5 years (59 months). This program also reduces the risk of 2-5 years olds becoming malnourished.

Under Afyamix we have three different brands; Toto Afyamix, Mama Afyamix and Jamii Afyamix


Afya mix



  • Essential micronutrients usually missing from the diet
  • Pre-cooked and distributed as flour easy to prepare, low fuel requirements
  • Easy to digest for young children
  • Relatively inexpensive therefore more sustainable
  • Versatile food – can be prepared in a number of ways