This is a precooked blend of maize and soya fortified with vitamins and minerals, and which sometimes has sugar or not, depending on the Client’s orders specifications. The vitamins and minerals are included as per the specification of UNICEF and WFP. This product is widely used for supplementary feeding for emergency nutrition intervention in famine stricken areas, school feeding programs and hospitals.



Afyamix  is a viable option for providing a nutritious cost effective diet to address  the constraints faced by many families in Kenya whose children are at risk of developing or suffering from moderate malnutrition (stunting and wasting) due to poverty and food insecurity.

Afyamix prevents malnutrition through programs that target pregnant and lactating women (PLW) and children aged 0-23 months, and treatment of moderate and severe wasting among less than 5 years (59 months). This program also reduces the risk of 2-5 years old becoming malnourished.

Provision of Afyamix is a part of reducing, the gap and increase accessibility of required foods.

AfyaMix meets nutritional requirement of specific groups. These include:

  • Baby Care Porridge: a high protein, nutritious weaning food for infants fortified with vitamins and mineral blend, calcium carbonate, milk powder, salt, sugar, and palm oil, essential for optimum child growth.
  • High-Energy Porridge: porridge high in protein and energy for growing, active children and sports men and women.
  • Pre-Natal Porridge: formulated for pregnant and lactating mothers, pre-natal nutriment is rich in iron, calcium, omega 3 and phosphorous. This provides required macro and micro nutrients for proper fetal development.


Wimbi Mix

A blend of finger millet and sorghum with a twist of lemon flavor. wimbi mix is a porridge flour that is both nutritious and sweet to the pallet. It is to be enjoyed by the whole family.


Pure Wimbi

It’s made from the traditional African grain finger millet. Pure wimbi is a porridge flour that is rich in iron and calcium for strong bone development. It is a porridge that can be enjoyed by the whole family.



Tender mercies is a carefully formulated mix of rice, fractured cowpeas, full fat soya, lentils and salt, enriched with vitamins and minerals. It’s a low cost nutrient-dense meal specifically formulated to address the typical nutrition – deficient East African diet.

Tender mercies is ideal for drought relief, school feeding programs, children’s homes, pre-school centers, refugee camps, HIV/AIDS Programs and families.