Corn Soya Blend (CSB) UNIMIX.

Also known as Fortified Blended Foods or Unimix is a precooked blend of Maize and Soya beans fortified with Vitamins and Mineral mix as per the Specification of UNICEF and WFP. Formulation of CSB depends on the target group such as supplement for lactating and pregnant women, young children between 6 to 23 months, children above 2 years and adults who are sick or vulnerable population such as HIV positive and those with TB.

The formulations are named as CSB+ or CSB++. The formulated Corn Soya blend is precooked either by dry or wet extrusion and/or roasting. All raw materials and ingredients meet national and international food laws and standards.  UNIMIX is a supplementary food mainly used to control;

  • High Stunting levels
  • High Global Acute Malnutrition( low caloric intake)
  • Micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Growth faltering.
  • High food insecurity or during low seasons and
  • High rates of low birth weight.