Interfield Food Testing Laboratories situated in Ruiru is perhaps the only lab offering specialized testing of grains, pulses, oil seeds and their derivatives. It is a joint venture initiative between Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) and SAL. It operates in accordance with the principles of ISO 17025.


The state of the art equipment, offers a comprehensive range of analytical techniques to support the increasingly stringent quality and food safety standard requirements in the grains, pulses and animal feed supply chain. The laboratory is equipped to provide complete analysis of grading of grains and pulses, chemical analysis for contaminants and microbiological analysis of various harmful microorganism/pathogens often associated with handling and processing of agricultural food products at different stages within the supply chain. In order to provide comparability in test results, the lab employs both international and regional test methods such as ISO, AOAC, AOCS and EAS methods.


In addition to testing, the lab will shortly launch various in-house practical training courses for graders and grain handlers in order to enhance marketability of produce, reduce post-harvest losses and enable farmers realize a better price for their commodities.